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View Diary: Yes, agreeing to the GOP tax cut plan would be caving (366 comments)

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  •  Call the White House and Congress (3+ / 0-)
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    Brooke In Seattle, boofdah, raincrow
    to help turn this issue around for us.

    More info and talking points at my diary here -

    Winning Progressive - When Progressives Organize, Everyone Wins -

    by Winning Progressive on Thu Nov 11, 2010 at 12:52:00 PM PST

    •  ***THANK YOU!!!*** Finally, out of all of these (4+ / 0-)

      bitching-and-moaning comments, there's a call to fucking ACTION.

      For fuck's sakes, people!!! I'm as unhappy about this capitulation as you, but one thing I'm not going to do is bitch and moan about how Democrats suck and the system sucks, and then don't lift a goddamned finger to actually--you know--DO anything about my discontent.

      From Winning Progressive's most excellent call to action above, with some constructive action items:

      It is up to us, however, to make sure the Democrats seize this opportunity.  Here are three things you can do to make that happen:

           Call your Representative and Senators and tell them that you want:
             a.       A vote before the end of the year on a three year extension of the stimulus package tax cuts and tax relief on income below $250,000

             b.      To oppose any effort to give further tax cuts on income over $250,000

             c.       To oppose any effort to eliminate the estate tax or to reduce it below its 2009 levels

            Contact the White House – 202-456-1111 – and urge the President to publicly promise to veto any effort to give further tax cuts on income over $250,000 or to eliminate the estate tax
           Send a letter to the editor explaining why you support a three-year extension of tax relief for middle and working class Americans, and oppose elimination of the estate tax and further tax cuts for incomes over $250,000

      Damn fucking STRAIGHT it's up to US to do something!! If we're not happy with the direction this is turning, then WE need to be the ones to fucking SPEAK UP about it!!

      As a matter of fact, I am going to extend my 15-minute work break, step away from this fucking computer, and go make some calls to my Representative and the White House comment line. An LTE is coming tonight.

      Democracy for America, still the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

      by boofdah on Thu Nov 11, 2010 at 01:24:07 PM PST

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