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View Diary: Yes, agreeing to the GOP tax cut plan would be caving (366 comments)

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  •  The thing is (0+ / 0-)

    that the White House is still arguing for the compromise position, Jed. You are already framing this as the White House caving in to the GOP. No, the White House is trying to get both sides to compromise. They are working for the compromise position. I know that you understand this because it's in the body of what you wrote, but you still wrote it in such a way that it frames it as the White House caving in already. They haven't caved yet because they are still trying to get the compromise position.

    •  Don't go there (0+ / 0-)

      The WH is not the honest broker here - trying to get to a compromise. There is nothing to broker, because the other side is refusing to compromise anything.  The WH should be leading our charge.  Then crafting a deal out of a position of strength.  The WH has been trying to compromise on every issue it has touched, starting from the stimulus, and has been getting its lunch handed to it every time.

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