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View Diary: "Money and the Midterms: Are the Parties Over?" (54 comments)

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  •  Mark Fucking Shields! Etu Marcus? (11+ / 0-)

    Yeah, TeeVee has replaced religion as the opiate of the masses (aka political propaganda).

    The Banksters have been bailout to the tune of $5T-$10T of taxpayer's money. Now it's time to butt fuck the taxpayers until they are comatose.

    I didn't hear one talking head pointing to the lunacy of Catfood commission. Even Mark Fucking Shields (on PBS last night)  said "Buckup workers and eat your spinach and broccoli". Etu Marcus?

    JIM LEHRER: Fantasyland? [Catfood commission] Change the country first?

    MARK SHIELDS: I hope it isn't fantasyland.

    I mean, this is not an eat your spinach plan. This is an eat your spinach, eat your broccoli, and finish your brussels sprouts plan. And if the test for political courage is the ability to simultaneously alienate both the political left and the political right, then Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles have passed that test with flying colors. The...

    JIM LEHRER: Well, we had it on our program last night. I mean, they were...

    MARK SHIELDS: Exactly. No, they -- they -- and they had to do it, because the commission is not going to agree on anything. And they have forced the debate. David is absolutely right. By doing this, they have preempted the debate and forced others to address this.

    There are two things about it I think that are crucial, Jim. First of all, people have been hiding about, saying we're going to settle -- balance this budget by hitting them, the, I don't know, rich people, taxes, or whatever, closing loopholes. Or we're going to hit by them taking away the benefits from these freeloaders.

    He has basically said, it's us, OK? And they have...

    JIM LEHRER: This isn't them. It's us.

    MARK SHIELDS: That's right. And they have laid out the plan. And if you want to argue with parts of it, OK, fine. But you better come up with where you are going to come -- get the money. And I think that's crucial. The other thing they have done is, they have asked for shared sacrifice.

    And, since Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter -- Jimmy Carter lost in 1980 running -- accused of running on a platform of cold showers and root canal work. Reagan came along and said, I'm going to double the defense budget, cut your taxes by a third, and balance the budget.

    Boy, that sounded great. That was a real formula for success. Of course he didn't do it. But, ever since then, every president, with the minor exceptions of George Herbert Walker Bush in his term and Bill Clinton in his first term, have basically gone on ouchless, painless prosperity.

    There has been no shared sacrifice this century at all. And what they are saying is, are you up to it? Are you in the American tradition? Are you willing to do it?

    Well, no shit, there has been "no shared sacrifice". Sacrifice has been one sided -- all on the taxpayers side.

    Shame on you Mark Shields. I'm done listening to you as a serious journalist.

    Sig: Epiphany reached. They are Looters, NOT Leaders.© We are on our own.

    by CitizenOfEarth on Sat Nov 13, 2010 at 08:20:57 AM PST

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