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  •  I had a similar experience from this image: (10+ / 0-)


    The woman on the left is alleged to be Constanze Mozart, wife of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here's what I learned from the picture:
    Mozart was a real man who had a real wife, and there she is, posing for a picture.

    Even if the image isn't really of Mrs. Mozart, I learned something from it: It made me realize that Mozart was more than a legend, he was a real flesh-and-blood person who lived a real life in a real place at a real time, just like I am living now.

    Wouldn't seeing Shakespeare's hairbrush, for example, sweep away some of the lofty cloudiness from our image of him?

    And thought leads me to ask: What about Jesus? Didn't he ever brush his hair? Does pondering that triviality make his teaching about philosophy more tangible, regardless of one's take on theology? Was Jesus a person who brushed his hair in the morning just like you? What does that do for your perspective of his teachings?

    Can students become truly connected to the reality of their history with just a textbook in a classroom? How can teachers make historical figures real to students in the absence of tangible relics?

    Barack Obama: The mind of John Q Adams, the charisma of Ronald Reagan, the composure of Abraham Lincoln, and the negotiating skill of Jimmy Carter (sigh)

    by Jimdotz on Sun Nov 14, 2010 at 05:11:03 AM PST

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