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View Diary: When You Say It's OK to Hate, What Do You Expect Happens? (68 comments)

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    I can say that bullying redheads does and did exist. While "carrot top" didn't bother me much, I developed a come back for that (Can't be a carrot top, carrot tops are green, I'm a copper head, and you better watch out they're poisonous.) I always hated woody woodpecker cartoons because of bullying. That was elementary school. Then in middle school I started sharing a bus with high-schoolers and it switched from Woody to a much more cruel "rag". (Rag meaning a used sanitary pad for those who haven't figured it out.)I also wore a coat with a hood every day on the bus to keep from having to cut gum out of my hair on a daily basis.

    I think this is why I fight to end DADT and support 'Gay rights', etc. It's also why, when bullying became a huge issue for my autistic son I pushed for pulling him out of public school and home schooled him instead. It's also why I laugh at those who complain that he won't get enough 'social interaction' at home but he would in public school. He doesn't come home angry and in tears every day, he's excelling academically and socially in environments which I can monitor. And when he does run across bullies he deals with them much more appropriately.
    Why? Because he's not dealing with them every day all day without anyone helping him or standing up for him. Bullying in entirety needs to be addressed. Bullying against gays needs to be addressed as well, both in school and out. One issue highlights the other because unfortunately, the bullying against gays tends to be more violent and more adult permissible in too many cases.

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