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  •  Bada Bing (2+ / 0-)
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    mrblifil, DKinUT

    Is "begging" Barrack to "Get It" where we are all at now? wow- just asking.. Obviously he refuses to CHANGE. From what I can tell there is NOTHING (much) he thinks to "learn" from the mid-term other than he "tried to hard". huh?  

    Bada Bing - think we got a 1 term Prez in the making (every day since January 2009 in reality). Like the old addage says Campaigning is one thing Governing is another. He is real god at #1. It is hard to get my mind prepared for that loss yet though. 2013- 2017 will be a crazy scary time in this country.  Hell it already is.

    Ok - I'll beg > Barrack will you STOP all this Bi-Partisan crap please? - you are taking us all down with you- HELLO? STOP it and act a bit more like FDR and TRUMAN please! For all our sakes.

    2010 > Elect Rebecca Kaplan - Mayor of Oakland ------ Jerry Brown - CA Governor

    by AustinSF on Mon Nov 15, 2010 at 09:26:12 AM PST

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