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  •  Dear Mr. President: (0+ / 0-)

    If you can learn anything from the midterms it should be this. It doesn't matter if Goldman Sachs is happy if most of America is either out of work, doesn't have enough work or is afraid they are going to be out of work.  See Goldman Sachs has maybe a few hundred votes - that other group has millions.

    You idiot, the voters want their lives to be better. They don't care that the bankers were protected and didn't lose their investment. They don't care that Pete Peterson doesn't like Social Security and sees a way to destroy it. They care about health insurance, but if they don't have a job they can't get it anyway. And THEY SURE AS HELL DON'T CARE ABOUT BIPARTISANSHIP. I realize that hasn't been your concern, but you need to make it your concern because they hold your future in their hands. You really need to be a two term President.

    So if you want to keep your job, stop apologizing. Stop playing nice in order to get little or nothing done. Let the friggin' Bush tax increase go through (phrase it that way, and pointing out that it didn't create jobs either  would also be good).  Now focus on jobs. Start moving money around to repair the electrical grid, repair bridges, clean up the parks and just friggin' hire people. And give your lieutants particularly Harry and Nancy the right to crush any Democrat who gets in the way of that or even helps Republicans. Steamroll anything to drop unemployment to 5% or less in two years.

    Otherwise, sayonara. See the payday isn't going to be so great as you are now and always will be hired help to the oligarchs, you were a way station while they got one of their own in. Don't ever forget it. You better leave office popular to achieve anything like what you are imagining. People will need to want to come see you, listen to what you say, buy your books or you can be Jimmy Carter without the principles and public work ethic.  I mean that should be obvious to you, but sadly it has become clear over the last year that obvious escapes you. As I said you need to be a two term President.

    So wake up, smell the manure you have been rolling in, and realize that the only way out is to do the job you were elected to do, not the one the robber barons selected you to do. Or resign yourself to the sty.

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