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    the economy HAD to come first. It was the priority of the people. I don't regret the Health Care debate. What I regret is that:
    1.Obama didn't get Harry Reid on board the "full-steam ahead" train BEFORE it left the station(it did leave, didn't it?)
    2.Obama(and Reid) wasted months trying to get a CollinSnowe vote that was never gonna happen.
    3.Obama killed the public option practically before the option became public.
    4.Who the FRACK ran that issue for the Dems anyway? It wasn't "I Love The Sidelines" Obama and it wasn't "I'll Mosey Along" Reid either. Pelosi tried but she had the hardest sell with Blue Dogs. She did great but she could hardly lead on the issue.

    There's that old saying...Timing is everything. It was just bad timing to push health care during the financial crisis WITHOUT multitasking on jobs and the economy. Obama DID say he could multitask, right?

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