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View Diary: They take our money, shutter our museums: what next? (33 comments)

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    HylasBrook you point out.  What is so over-the-top ironic in this case is that JPMorgan Chase would have been bankrupt itself had it not been for the taxpayer bailout, and thus it would have been in no position to shut down any business. The taxpayer bailout:  the one that was supposed to stimulate the economy, not shut down an institution that brings jobs and tourist dollars to a major American city.

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      the purpose of museums was to "bring jobs and tourist dollars to a major American city?" That wasn't the original purpose of museums, it's not even close to the original charters or statements of purpose of museums in America. It just happens to be the excuse that museums and other not-for-profits used to claim their economic viability and raise funds. And, as I - I mean, as Werner indicates - it was a pig-in-the-poke to begin with. Most of those museums were not economically viable from the git-go, and I'm not saying they should have been, I'm saying the problem starts with folks who work on the premiss that the purpose of a museum is to improve business. People like Sanford Weill, who sits on the board of Carnegie Hall. People like the Koch Bros, who sit on the board of any number of not-for-profits. People like Peter Lewis, who at least had the decency to get himself off the board of the Guggenheim when he saw the crash coming.

      Must. Crush. Capitalism. Grrr.

      by Quill Mike Eat Brains on Mon Nov 15, 2010 at 10:22:27 AM PST

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