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View Diary: Outgoing ranking Republican blasts his Party's rejection of Climate Science (268 comments)

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  •  What's so (2+ / 0-)
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    confused about it?

    We are about to enter the dark ages here in America when we can least afford to.

    I hope that our downturn will, in a strange way, be a good thing.

    •  That's kind of like the gaia hypothesis (0+ / 0-)
      Maybe the earth somehow caused the economic decline of the USA to keep us from consuming and polluting so much, in order to save the entire world in general?
      •  But I'm not (0+ / 0-)

        claiming the earth did it.

        It was the criminal elite who brought us to this point.

        I'm just saying that the earth might benefit with the fall of the U.S.

        •  I'm not saying the earth (0+ / 0-)

          conciously did it just like I don't think the earth is somehow conciously responding to the pollution caused by humans by rising the world temperature, which will have devestating effects for humans, many will die off which will lead to a decrease in human pollution. Of course it will take thousands of years for the earth to get back to equilibrium but that's a microsecond compared to the lifespan of the earth. It's one big organism that reacts to keep it's equilibrium just like our immune systems work to eradicate diseases in our bodies. Of course sometimes our immune system's fail and we die but I'm the earth has withstood far worse than the human disease it currently has.

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