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  •  Seriously? (0+ / 0-)

    You think crazy people and terrorists are pouring over dkos posts looking for ways to make bombs?  Care to tell me what algorithms/software you worked on so I can make sure I don't use it.

    •  RSA. Good fucking luck. (0+ / 0-)

      Public key cryptography for the masses.  1983.  Neener.  

      No I don't think terrs go poring over dKos postings looking for recipes.  Yes I do think there are plenty of unstable people out there, some of whom, if they casually run across a recipe, might decide to try something.  

      They probably won't try it on an airplane.   They might try it on a neighbor's house, someone who they're having a feud with.   They might try it on their former girlfriend who broke up with them, or the guy she's dating now.  

      There are plenty of these types running around loose.  They are basically rabid animals who can't be reasoned with.  I've helped send people to prison and I've also had to check under my vehicle daily for bombs while one of 'em was out on bail.  It's a bloody pain in the arse.    

      If you want to go into the Paladin Press biz on a website somewhere, be my guest.  If you get good at it, your site might be useful as a honeypot.   If you really believe in it, go do it.  But blustering about it around here is worth the recycled electrons it's printed on.  

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