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View Diary: WH, Dems "Seriously Considering" Vote on Obama Tax Cuts (294 comments)

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  •  can't find the quote I want, but this will do (1+ / 0-)
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    "The only difference between Hoover and Roosevelt is that Hoover is a hoot owl and Roosevelt is a scrootch owl. A hoot owl bangs into the roost and knocks the hen clean off, and catches her while she's falling. But a scrootch own slips into the roost and talks softly to her. And she just falls in love with him, and the first thing you know, there ain't no hen."


    and in this utterly brilliant speech.

    Both of these men, Mr. Hoover and Mr. Roosevelt, came out and said there had to be a decentralization of wealth, but neither one of them did anything about it. But, nevertheless, they recognized the principle. The fact that neither one of them ever did anything about it is their own problem that I am not undertaking to criticize; but had Mr. Hoover carried out what he says ought to be done, he would be retiring from the President's office, very probably, 3 years from now, instead of 1 year ago; and had Mr. Roosevelt proceeded along the lines that he stated were necessary for the decentralization of wealth, he would have gone, my friends, a long way already, and within a few months he would have probably reached a solution of all of the problems that afflict this country.

    btw, this is interesting in the usual trotskyite way (kinda super smart, kind of appallingly dumb, always annoying)

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