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  •  Macon's not very significant to Atlanta ... (2+ / 0-)
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    ... but Atlanta is very significant to Macon.

    Looking for corridor projects actually applied for, for corridors for incremental development to 110mph, that fits within the level of funds available, there aren't many. New York would be a natural place to look, but they applied for $7.9b, and there's no that much to be re-allocated.

    I'd say ... oh, wait, I mean I said ... that the Cascade Corridor is bigger bang for the buck, but then I already settled on finishing funding the State of Washington's application before I looked at how much of it had already been funded.

    Among the projects at or heading to 110mph service, the 3C corridor is bigger bang for the buck ~ the most densely populated corridor without regular passenger rail service, after all ~ and the Milwaukee to Madison corridor is bigger bang for the buck, but they were funded and the Governors are trying to give the money back. Chicago / St. Louis is bigger bang for the buck, but that project is already moving ahead.

    The Atlanta/Macon project is one that is a permanent contribution to our country's sustainable transport future. As a seed, its boom in ridership during the next oil price shock will bear fruit.

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