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View Diary: Sensing victory on taxes, GOP moves goalposts of White House meeting (274 comments)

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  •  Those people are illogical. (4+ / 0-)

    I mean, this stuff really isn't that hard.

    Take healthcare, for instance, if you want the system to be cheaper for the average citizen, you eliminate as many middle men as possible.  You create access to care that prevents serious disease when something goes untreated and you eliminate the for profit middle men who take cuts that drive the prices of insurance and care up.  It is really that simple.  But I saw all kinds of contortions of logic applied in defending the likes of Aetna and the rest - some of which Ezra Klein lobbied heavily when they argued that if you drive the prices up for "cadillac care" then people will opt for cheaper care and then bring the whole market into line.  Huh?  Is the price of a Maserati lower because most people can't afford it?  Answer: NO.  All the Maserati folks have done is limit production and raised the price to make a good profit for their cars.  They NEVER decided to compete with the KIA's of the world.

    Anyway, whatever the reason for it, we have some incompetent and misguided people at the helm and we can't afford that bullshit from either side of the aisle given the current state of the American economy and the challenges that every nation will face in the coming years.

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