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View Diary: Republican fiscal hawks avoid Appropriations Committee like the plague (98 comments)

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    Into The Woods, swansong50

    as admirable as I find the diary to be, and I am grateful that Atrios is highlighting the diary as it is definitely worth reading.

    I do have to quibble with the conclusion that because prominent conservatives are running from the Appropriations Committee it indicates a fear on their part. The people in question, Bachmann, King, et al. have a mission. The mission is to run Congress as if it were effectively in the midst of a sit-down strike. The mission is not to run or hide from the Appropriations Committee, it is to LEAVE THE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE UNDER-STAFFED, UNDER-SERVED, AND UNDER-FUNDED. It is to effectively abolish the Appropriations Committee, without taking the steps to actually dismantle it.

    Yes there will be members who accept those places on Appropriations. But if those members are essentially operating under marching orders from members of Congress who DON'T serve on the Committee, it means that the Committee effectively cannot function they way it is designed to function. Which is nearly the same as killing it outright.

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    •  If House GOP Leadership Decided Not to Seat (1+ / 0-)
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      these lightweight firebrands, precisely because they saw what you see, wouldn't their best approach be to arrange (through means direct or indirect) for the unwanted members to self-select off of the committee?

      If they wanted to avoid the circus and resulting media that would follow focussing on the stream of outrageous proposals and statements - wouldn't they try to artfully manage who would be on the appropriations committee by aggressively managing who would want to be on the committee?

      If seasoned pros tell me that sitting on this committee would be an invitation to the political graveyard, it would sure weed out the weak of heart or principle.  

      The leadership would then be able to protect itself by saying the positions were offerred and declined - leaving the individual members so explain their desertion under fire.

      In understanding the "why" of human conduct, I try to avoid assuming conspiracy when stupidity or perfidity will just as easily explain, but if the Republicans know nothing else, they know how to manipulate and play the down and dirty games of the corporate hallways and boardrooms.  

      Just makes one wonder.  

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      by Into The Woods on Wed Nov 17, 2010 at 02:27:43 PM PST

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