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  •  I remember one case of a suspected terrorist (0+ / 0-)

    coming to trial and in the end, the only charge that stuck was fishing without a current fishing license. No kidding but the GWB DOJ brought charges against thousands of people as they pushed the envelope on the definition of terrorist and assisting terrorist groups. For example, Hamas is listed as a terrorist group (no problem) and anyone sending any sort of aid (cash or in kind sort of assistance) is seen as assisting a terrorist organization.

    However now it becomes murky as charities which sent assistance to the residents of Gaza also came under scrutiny for assisting terrorist organizations on the grounds that assisting the civilian population of Gaza meant that Hamas would not have to support this population and would then have more funds freed up for the purchase of weapons.

    Even more murky is the prohibition on the ""training," "personnel," "service" and "expert advice or assistance."  provisions of current law

    One legacy of 9/11 that is not frequently discussed is the change in the interpretation of US legal statutes that deal with terrorism and its related topics

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