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View Diary: RX Firm to Dump Workers 2 Weeks Before Christmas (192 comments)

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  •  It time for us to educate and fight back (0+ / 0-)

    I have been thinking about how to fight fire with fire.
    Push back against misinformation from the right that keeps americans confused.
    I saw a movie trailer for one about global warming.
    Maybe it is high time for Hollywood to begin to put some creative juice behind some movies and programs about issues.
    We need to appeal to actors and producers to make television movies targeting issues like corporate control and the plight of middle class workers.  the poor, ect.
    Look at the impact movies had in the 30s in shaping the evil greedy fat cat against the little guy.
    This is what helped shaping people's attitudes and made making us a more just society.
    and Reagan used alot of the tricks he learned from Hollywood to do the opposite.
    It's time for them to turn the pendulum.  Time for movies like the one Fair Game and the one on global warming coming out.
    Educate people through entertainment and turn attitudes.

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