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View Diary: GOP Governors Admit Their Goal: Kill Jobs (209 comments)

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  •  I think that's the crux of it (0+ / 0-)

    It's fighting back against the "welfare queen" stereotype that Republicans are always trying to fasten on Dems. "Working" as opposed to mooching off the government. It's a stupid stereotype and untrue, but that's the reason Democrats couch everything in terms of "working," "Earned" Income Tax Credit, people who "play by the rules," etc. Wingers have an obsession with "their" money going to what they see as the "undeserving" poor. Hence, Dems always stress how deserving the people they are trying to assist are. Perhaps it's not a good idea to react to stereotyping because it allows the other side to frame issues, but I think that's the genesis of the whole "working families" theme, a desire not to be seen as the party that caters to lazy welfare chiselers.

    If you spend any time with right wingers, you can understand why Dems felt that framing was necessary. They really are obsessed to the point of ridiculousness with the notion that the government wants to take their "hard-earned" tax dollars and give it to people who haven't "earned" it (and they ALWAYS assume the undeserving part, no matter who it is or how carefully targeted the aid or stringent the conditions and even if their own income comes largely from a government source).

    And they believe this and vote on this basis no matter how much they hurt the overall economy or even their own personal welfare with that attitude. I think the whole "working families" bit has less to do with a shoutout to unions than with fighting this Republican framing. Even with the obvious notion that to collect unemployment, by the very definition, the recipient would have to have been employed, Republicans still demonize recipients as lazy grifters.

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