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  •  FogCityJohn is Probably Right (16+ / 0-)

    Many straight men are insecure about gays. But this straight man isn't. I grew up in the old South and didn't know an openly gay man (or woman) until I was out of college and working in NYC in the '60's. My first boss was gay, which turned out to be a non-event. When I was single he used to invite me over for dinner with his partner and we talked politics, music, theatre, literature, sports and anything else that came to mind, including sex at times. Later on when I began to hire my own staff, I didn't care one whit what one's sexual preference was and wound up with a staff that was a thoroughgoing mix from the then nascent LBGT and straight communities; about the only type I never hired was a evangelical fundamentalist but then none ever applied.  In the years since I've come to regard sexual preference as wholly irrelevant to work performance, friendships, or loyalty. Other factors concerning work ethic, competence, skill set, morals, capacity to work with others, personal values, and whether one was a Yankee or Mets fan (sarcasm here, please) were and are much more important.

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