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View Diary: US Feds' on Insider Trading Investigation? Real Deal, or Another Sacrifical Lamb? (33 comments)

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  •  its cool, You... (7+ / 0-)

    I put this up to late, so probably it will not get any mojo...but in the end, I really don't write these diaries for this reason..

    In the end, I know the 'truth' will come down to just another deep and ugly our nation.

    Oh, it's late & I'm tired: in a nutshell, the kind of social unrest that happened the last  time we had this kind of income inequality here was roughly 1880 until FDR.  Emma Goldmann.  Eugene Debs.  And hundreds or thousands of downtrodden workers rioting or being beaten or shot by paid-by-the-plutocrats "police."

    I hope we don't have to go there again.  I fear we do.

    We will 'go there again' I know, but I am thankful for people like you that already know that..

    This time around, the cost is much greater than we can even imagine.  But still, I deeply appreciate your knowledge, knowing your history, and in the end exactly how and why we got here:

    If any Democrat refuses to how our next new President is going to be the great fake Rev. Mike Huckabee, or Barbour of Sarah Palin, we sure as shit better understand why that happened.

    This means the overturning of Rowe Vs. Wade, this means that the Unions are dead in the water, this means, that when we gave President Obama the great Democratic Platform for the working man's/woman party, none of it meant a shit to begin with.

    But I know the cost that is coming.  

    Thanks for your comment and nite nite..I'm tired and worn out too.

    Ms. B.

    •  You are a Rock, a beautiful rock that is water (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      side pocket, Badabing, JG in MD

      smooth and full of brilliant color, like a fiery  opal, yet not so soft.  You are hard in a good way, the one rock, that given the choice, most would only dream about.  I love your diaries.

      I hope that you are well and recovering.   You, are a formidable diarist!

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