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View Diary: DADT: Navy Chief undermines John McCain (228 comments)

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  •  thats a sloppy equivalency, oil guy. (7+ / 0-)

    Those situations are not remotely the same. They are not even comparable.

    Especially because with DADT repeal, there is no formal "integration" in the sense of the word that we are all used to hearing. GLB servicemen and women are ALREADY integrated into the services.

    You're watching Fox News. OH MY GOD--LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU

    by rexymeteorite on Mon Nov 22, 2010 at 04:10:13 PM PST

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    •  I agree that the situations are not equilalent. (1+ / 0-)
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      citizen k

      My point was merely to dispute PvtJarHead's contention that the military immediately responded to Truman's order. There was much resistance from racists within the chain of command. I don't think repealing DADT, which I despise, will end homophobia in the military.

      The liberals always get discouraged when they do not see the measures they are interested in go through immediately. - Eleanor Roosevelt

      by OIL GUY on Mon Nov 22, 2010 at 04:39:29 PM PST

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