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    its been said before. We had a segregated military during the Jim Crow era because of tradition and to placate the white south. there was no federal law on the books that required the miitary to be segregated. Therefore, Truman had broad authority to determin what integration policy the military should implement.

    DADT, as we know, is the result a face saving compromise forced on Bill Clinton when he had to backtrack over gays in the military. it is part of federal had to be because service members can be discharged from the military for violating the policy and there has to be due process for that.

    for Obama to simply declared DADT null and void by executive order is not the way federal laws are changed in this country. i know no one will give him credit for this, but he's probably thinking that doing something like that would set a horrible precedent for the next time the country is stupid enough to elect a GOP president anxious to push the limits of executive power.

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