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View Diary: Can't make it up: Feds hold "Marijuana Terror Training Drill". (201 comments)

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  •  This is so stupid. As a retired... (10+ / 0-)

       Firefighter/Paramedic, I am glad that I did not have to deal with stupid shit like this. I can confirm that Cannabis IS NOT a problem in the EMS system. ALCOHOL is the #1 problem drug and it's not even close. The powers that be need to keep Cannabis illegal in order to keep the private prisons stocked with bodies. Let's face facts: Prisons DEPEND on Cannabis offenders, as they are easy to catch and are peaceful, unlike Alcohol users.
    The illegality of Cannabis is so fucking stupid. It makes no sense and is dishonest. The harm associated with MJ, compared to Alcohol is almost nil. So why is Liquor legal and not Cannabis? That is a good fucking question!

    •  And another thing... (6+ / 0-)

        I have used Cannabis for my PTSD (I was shot in the head on duty and I am extemely lucky to be alive). I saw two friends killed in the line of duty, just a few feet away. Cannabis is clearly superior for treating my PTSD. Other Pharma meds ARE CRAP! So, i will continue to use nature's medicine instead of the toxic-chemical drugs. If the Feds don't like it, they can lip-lock on my butt cheeks!

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