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  •  LaughingPlanet? (13+ / 0-)

    I just scanned all the comments and lost where it was originally posted but I'm think "Recent Diaries" is a harsh slap in the face.

    I've been to plenty of "Community Blogs" where you need to seek out recent diaries or find them through some meta links. Nobody does.

    So somebody who has opinions that vary from the rest won't have a sentence on the front page for a few minutes and recent diaries are listed as "Most Viewed" or "Most Commented."  

    4 different "quality" lists of diaries? Yea I already left a few blogs over that shit, even deleted a front page post from a blog I was invited to when I saw that the community was hidden.      

    •  Eddie (2+ / 0-)
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      Eddie C, vcmvo2

      Your views are shared by about 10 people here in the comments. I hope you don't leave (again), but I mentioned in the tip jar, I fully expect it from some.

      As Susan mentioned, there are many other ways to be on the front page, and the FP alone is going to lose interest for many.

      Please see the update; thanks

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