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  •  Doesn't baffle me at all (3+ / 0-)
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    elfling, lineatus, LaughingPlanet

    I think it's a legitimate concern that will probably be eased somewhat once people start using the new site and discover all the different ways to find content. But to me, it's a perfectly understandable worry. Part of the joy of the site is the jumble of never knowing what you might stumble across next. The balance of the new site is to try and and find engaging new writers and content while not being overwhelmed by chaff, especially since number of diaries per day will no longer be limited. It's a tough balance to get right.

    I think people will start using the Recent Diaries page more. But very, very few obviously use it now, so it doesn't make sense to them yet.

    •  agreed; the fears are not totally unfounded (0+ / 0-)

      but they are overblown times eleventy.

      I take some blame in the Update for not having explained things better. Might try another diary (someday) to dispel illusions about that one tiny issue with which so many here took exception.

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