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View Diary: Karl Rove Under Testimony, Priceless (20 comments)

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  •  Prosecuting organized crime takes time & teamwork (0+ / 0-)

    We filed the King Lincoln case before the 2006 election alleging, among other things, the theft of the 2004 Presidential election. After the 2006 election in which Democrats won most of the statewide executive races there were still state races that were stolen by the Rove-Donohue theft machine.  Our settlement discussions with the new Democratic Secretary of State and Attorney general were aimed specifically at getting a state/federal investigative/prosecutorial task force to go after the ongoing Rove/Donohue election theft conspiracy.

    Since we were informed of threats against the key witness against Rove in 2008 we have been working with law enforcement authorities: the FBI, the Department of Justice under AG Mukasey and Holder, the US Attorney’s Office in Columbus and the Ohio Secretary of State and Ohio Attorney General's Office.  We have never suggested a cover-up by the FBI or state or federal authorities in regard to the reported assassination of Mike Connell.

    Since 2008 Rove has not been running the DOJ or the FBI.

    Election theft in 2008 in lesser offices than the President deprived the President of the strength of the majorities he should have had.  See the work of the Election Defense Alliance on this point.

    2010 represents a more ambitious election theft operation than even 2004. It tainted not only the Congressional elections but also state elections that will affect how redistricting lines are drawn for elections over the next decade.

    We do not hate Karl Rove.  We just want him to have the opportunity to clear his conscience and apply is considerable skill and tenacity to more socially useful ends.

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