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    Seneca Doane

    I long ago internalized the horrible potential of "the Laws of Physics" trumping right of way.  It's why right-on-red is illegal in my former home of NYC; sure, as a pedestrian, I have the right of way, but I always check for turning vehicles--I don't want to die for that right (of way)?  Otherwise, I'm sure my survivors would be very proud of my devotion to my convictions.

    I have a few times over my lifetime rented moving trucks to relocate.  I'm amazed at how indifferent folks in little cars are to me behind the wheel of a rental (for the record, I drive a little car, a Corolla).  

    I don't have any stats, but I figure most people behind the wheel of a rental truck are pretty inexperienced in driving one.  I've driven one about five times, and I make a point of never putting myself into the position of having to back one up; I always park it in a space that I can pull out of frontways.  I know that I can't see anything behind me, and I don't want anything bad to happen when I try to back out of a space.

    But I'm amazed at how blithely folks do stupid things like pull out in front of me or merge in front of me instead of slowing down and getting behind me.  Not only am I (in my vehicle; this is synecdoche, I think) a lot bigger than they are and weigh a lot more than they do, but I (and most of the others driving rental trucks) have little to no experience or knowledge about driving a vehicle this big.  There are no tests, no education, no instructions.  The folks at the rental counter hand me keys and wish me a great trip.  

    That's why I keep as far from rental trucks as I can when I am on the road in my car.  I don't want to depend on the drivers' on-the-job training.  And I'm not stupid enough to think that in a matchup between my Corolla and a 24-foot Ryder truck (the last rental I drove), I will come out ahead.

    My ego may be bruised when I have to yield to (someone whom I may perceive as) the bigger a--hole (and who may well be one), but a sense of self-preservation has taught me to calm down and add a few seconds to my drivetime rather than afford my friends and family a lovely opportunity to get together and recollect what a nice person I was.

    "Are You My Mother?" --P.D. Eastman

    by rvdee on Wed Nov 24, 2010 at 03:29:59 PM PST

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