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View Diary: Non-Voters Were the Majority in 2010, Says New Study (30 comments)

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    blame the victim?  Instead of criticizing those who voted, how about criticizing those who didn't vote?  How about taking into consideration that many of those whose income is less than $200,000 are so demoralized by the current crop of politicians that they felt unable to vote for any one of them?  So they stayed home.  (And no, I wasn't one of them.)

    Women's 2010 vote (or non-vote) is a warning shot across the bow. You call women stupid for voting Republican (at a rate of 50%).  How about looking at it as 50% of women did not, or could not, vote Democratic?  And it's not as if Democrats weren't warned about a women's backlash...Like it or not, many are still livid about the '08 primary, and see Obama's performance as a vastly inferior one.

    Take this as a very bad sign for the 2012 election.  

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