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  •  well, you are lucky to live somewhere peaceful (1+ / 0-)
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    in this country of 310 million people many of which live in a range of poverty from homeless to losing their house there is a lot of danger from violent people who, ironically enough, also see themselves as separate from our society but, unlike you, who see that as an excuse to hurt anyone in our society that they want.  live in a neighborhood with gun fire going off in the night every night.  i have.  someone was getting shot.  someone was getting killed.  just down the street.  i would love to live in a world without killing for any reason, but that is kind of like living in a family that doesn't fight.  everyone has to agree not to fight for that to work.  if tens of millions of people around you don't agree to respect your safety then you have to accept that you don't live in a perfectly civilized society and that means that yeah, some of the rules of the jungle still apply.  rules that every other form of life on this planet lives by.  not the ideal of course, but ideal doesn't really matter when you are holding your brother's gunshot wound closed waiting for the police to show up in a few hours.

    A man abstemious, rigidly upright, inflexibly honest, ferociously chaste. A man with every virtue, except humility and human kindness. - Ellis Peters

    by bluefaction on Wed Nov 24, 2010 at 09:18:11 PM PST

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