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  •  by flag pinish i mean (0+ / 0-)

    i mean the argument that if Obama has not pardoned anyone but turkeys that he cares more about turkeys than human beings.  that's a ridiculous thing to say.  not only because it's absurd, but also because he's doing the turkey pardon as a holiday tradition.  it's not like his pr team cooked up a way to sell him to the voters here.  it's a nice funny tradition for kids.  kids.  like lighting a christmas tree.  it's for the kids.  do you really have to turn a nice family tradition for kids into something serious?  really?  are you going to argue about cutting down rain forests when they light a christmas tree too?  come on.   do you think any of the people in prison hoping to be pardoned think you should use a fun kid tradition to talk on daily kos about how shitty the president is?  i personally doubt it.

    A man abstemious, rigidly upright, inflexibly honest, ferociously chaste. A man with every virtue, except humility and human kindness. - Ellis Peters

    by bluefaction on Wed Nov 24, 2010 at 10:16:17 PM PST

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