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    Americans were essentially sending the same message that they sent in 2006 and in 2008: Represent us, put our best interests first, and do it honestly.

    But it didn't happen, so they sent the same message again in 2010.

    All of these elections were "throw the bums out" elections with the addition of a lot of people in 2008 who decided to put aside their cynicism and frankly their past experience and decided to extend trust and hope again.  But they found out very quickly that the transformation and immediate change in course was not going to happen.  It's never been about expecting things to be completely changed and expecting things to be fixed immediately.  It's always been about the trajectory, the change in course.

    And this is why I think 2012 has the makings for a very unpredictable year, and why I will be amazed if one or more Independent candidates do not rise up.  And it's why I think that maybe, just maybe, the millions and perhaps billions planned to be spent might not have the same level of importance that they have had, increasingly, in recent elections.  Isn't it feasible for an Independent candidate to run saying that they do not have the ability to raise the hundreds of millions and that they do not intend to spend the hundreds of millions even if they could raise it?  Might that not resonate with the populace?  It's disgusting to spend tens or hundreds of millions or a billion on a campaign when so many people are struggling.

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