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View Diary: Arsonist hits Oregon Mosque; Will this be called terrorism? (157 comments)

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  •  as a matter of fact.... (0+ / 0-)

    .... I've filed facts-in-evidence reports that have been taken seriously, and before I got into doing that, I helped send a couple of other violent baddies away.  It would be nice to get paid for that stuff.  Some day...

    Re. "anyone with Middle Eastern connections:"  Anyone with any connections to Middle Eastern countries that are known bases of operation for AQ or similar groups.  Origin, family origin, friendship or business ties, travel, phone calls, email, anything.  

    Re. "the Israeli treatment."  Go look up what passengers on El Al have to deal with before they are allowed to fly.  90-minute interviews with all manner of personal questions are common.   And you go through your entire flight with your shoes off.  

    We could quarantine the entire Middle East and cut off all travel to & from, including immigration from.  And we could apply the Israeli methods of airline security to anyone with Middle Eastern ties of any kind.  Then you wouldn't have to walk through the nudie-scope.  

    As I said, take your choice and take your chances.  

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