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  •  I tuned out when I read (0+ / 0-)

    the usual suspects (The Gates Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, Margaret Spelling, Arne Duncan, State Governors, Education Bureaucrats, University Presidents, Provosts and Deans) all constantly try to pin the blame on waste, inefficiency, and poor performance by teachers in the classroom.

    All?  Hardly.

    •  Sounds like the usual suspects to me. (2+ / 0-)
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      Daddy Bartholomew, dirkster42

      And a sorry lot they are indeed.  

      Maybe the only ones that are likely not to provoke immediate opprobrium are the Gates Foundation and the Lumina Foundation.  I can't say anything about the former, except that it has little discernible experience in higher education.  As for the latter, its founding senior vice president of policy, research and evaluation had made a career for himself as a university president hired to fire large swaths of faculty, which he did, saddling that university with several million dollars' worth of lost lawsuits in his wake after he'd gone on to greener pastures.

    •  I don't get your point (6+ / 0-)

      It seems you want to quibble over the use of the word "all". Very well-when someone gives a list and says, x,y, z all belong in the list, it means that these elements belong in the list. In other words, it is inclusive.

      Now, if you want to quibble over whether or not every single University President, Provost, etc. takes this stand, that is another matter.

      In my experience, University Presidents don't push back against the crap being peddled by Gates, Lumina, Spelling, Duncan, etc. They parrot it and shove it down our throats.

      Are there exceptions-I'm sure there are.

      Do Gates, Lumina, etc. all push the same line? They sure do.

      So I guess I fail to see your objection or why you "tuned out" -unless you want to defend Gates, Lumina, etc.

      In which case, why not do so and explain how I am wrong and they are right?

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