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    not sure if I totally agree with all that is said, but that's beside the point. Basically I disagree that mainly that Obama/Dems/Leadership just didn't really see this coming. And I say that because I'm especially worried about the reinforcing conciliatory message and comments coming from the administration since the election and fear that they are taking away the wrong message from the election result.

    That said, I can however wholeheartedly agree with you on what needs to be done...and yes there needs to be significant messaging pushback from all quarters. I hope our leaders are listening. But message is one thing actions are another. I think if they fought and lost a battle  (say on the extra tax cuts for gazillionaires) and kept doing that they'd get more respect and that it would more clearly be evident and make their case for them as to whose side they're really on. I realize actions might not alway counteract the corporate media and republican noise machine, but it's certainly better than what they've been doing.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best, but will not expect too much and plan for the worst. I hope I'm wrong and hope to be pleasantly surprised when it comes to Dems and this Administration. Time will tell.

    "Children are our most valuable natural resource." -- Herbert Hoover

    by emal on Sat Nov 27, 2010 at 04:42:43 PM PST

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