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  •  Republicans are the party of the rich. (7+ / 0-)

    This was the simple and true message of the Democratic Party in my youth, and it was common knowledge.  It was the CW.  Common folk knew the Republicans were the Wall Street guys.  Democrats reinforced it in every speech.  Today's Democrats seem to think it's impolite to point this out plainly, and they rarely do it.  They refuse to attack the Republican Party consistently, even though they will attack their individual opponents.  Obama insists on calling Republicans his friends, on publicly stating his belief in Bush's patriotism, etc.,etc.  

    The Republicans destroyed our "brand" when we pulled back from attacking theirs.

    Our message could still be bumper-sticker simple, and if we'd never stopped repeating it, Republicans would never have had the opportunity to muddy the water the way they have. (Republicans passing themselves off as "populists" is perhaps the most Orwellian thing I've ever seen, but our leaders do little or nothing to counteract this insanity.)

    How can we get people to imagine the real -- to see the Republicans as the truly destructive force they are --when the leading Democrats are delivering the opposite message?  

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