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  •  While I focused mainly on a diagnosis, (10+ / 0-)

    undiagnosed mental illness is definitely also a problem. The difficulty I see is that disclosing a history of depression as a means of explaining previous problems is sometimes as harmful or worse for one's job prospects - though I think it shouldn't be.

    All the best to you.  I hope you find employment with someone that takes mental illness into account.

    •  Thank you for writing this diary (5+ / 0-)

      I find it very difficult to distinguish between a slight disability (let's say dyslexia) and (bipolar) depression. Is it possible that both can have causal effect on each other in both directions?

      It's very hard to look for any kind of help, if you know, it's not covered by a health insurance. Also, your story reminds me much about what mental health problems mean to military service members and what stigma, consequences they face either by hiding their problems, by not being treated, being wrongly treated or misdiagnosed, and being punished for their mental health problems altogether.

      I didn't even know that there are lawyers out there who handle cases of discrimination on the basis of a mental health problem like depression.

      This is an important diary, please stay with us here, as KelleyRN2 suggested, whenever you feel you can handle it. You are very courageous to write this diary and I admire your strength to deal with and overcome your depressions in the past. You deserve a lot of padding on your shoulder, big hugs and a big thank you.

      Empowering Young Inmates to Write New Chapters in Their Lives. Free Minds.

      by mimi on Sun Nov 28, 2010 at 05:00:23 PM PST

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