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View Diary: Trumka: Pay Freeze Is Bad for Middle Class, Economy, And Business. (310 comments)

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  •  sure, go ahead, punish middle class workers. (0+ / 0-)

    that's what democrats stand for.

    meanwhile private contractors are skinning us alive. it's a wild wild west where any and all criminality goes unpunished.

    In all, McClatchy found nearly $4.5 billion in contracts that were awarded to companies even though they violated laws or had high-profile disputes over previous projects. Such legal or financial troubles could indicate that a company isn't prepared to finish a project or is prone to wasting taxpayer money.

    The lax scrutiny, critics say, has created an American contracting culture where almost any past indiscretion can be overlooked.


    public sector workers are forced to get haircut while blackwater is allowed to continue to scam the government.

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