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View Diary: Senate Passes Landmark Food Safety Over GOP Objections (183 comments)

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  •  steaks (0+ / 0-)

    mmmmmm. ammonia.

    and also

    Requires importers to verify food safety

    The importers get to police themselves? Sounds like another republican bill which is now opposed by republicans simply because obama is president.

    As for the people asking about safety of imported seafood... Just don't eat it. Stop eating the oceans and stop eating fish grown from aquaculture(unless you can find fish that are vegetarians it is an epic waste as many many fish are killed to be made into fishmeal and it is a huge waste of fish).

    Not only is fish loaded with poisons, eating them all is killing the ocean.

    I occasionally eat my own catch but no longer any sort of commercially caught/"grown" fish.

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