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View Diary: Senate Passes Landmark Food Safety Over GOP Objections (183 comments)

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  •  I have no ide on Obama's views re this bill. (0+ / 0-)

    Obama has nothing to do with my views on this.

    In fact, I'm very much pro-regulation of our food supply. Like everyone, I want to know that I'm not eating poisoned food. I also want to know where my food came from, and if it was grown organically, and to what standards.

    Here are a few reasons why I was against the bill:

    "The Alliance for Natural Health ( has been working hard with many health freedom allies, including NaturalNews, to reduce the tyranny of the bill. From their announcement today:

    These are some of the changes that ANH-USA and allies have [achieved with] the Food Safety bill:

    Excluded excessive punishment

    Last week we learned that S. 510 would not include the obscene ten-year jail sentences for food and supplement manufacturers who violate complicated FDA rules. That draconian language was specifically designed to target supplement manufacturers while leaving pharmaceutical drug and medical device companies untouched.

    Resisted international harmonization of food and health supplement policy

    Together we worked to modify language that would have committed the US to harmonization of international food and supplement rules similar to those in Europe, where attempts are being made to regulate away natural health.

    Excluded small farmers from burdensome regulation

    Working with the natural health community, ANH-USA succeeded in winning inclusion of the Tester amendment with its protection of small farmers. ANH-USA and other organizations fought tirelessly to protect the bourgeoning local healthy food movement from unwarranted federal regulation, and from the processed food companies that are increasingly nervous about the new competition. Thirty processed food organizations like the American Frozen Food Institute and the Corn Refiners Association sent a letter to the Senate arguing that a local produce stand should face the same regulatory hurdles as their industrial-scale processed food operations."

    "Remember, too, that the FDA already took away your right to learn the truth about nutritional supplements and natural remedies. It has sought to destroy the natural products industry. Now it's poised to take away your access to raw milk while burdening food producers with outrageous new paperwork requirements -- all while ignoring the real causes of the food contaminations, which are actually caused by factory animal farms."

    Those are just some of the reasons that I was not a proponent of this bill.

    The bill castigates, and penalizes folks who like supplements, raw milk, and organic food. It caters to big factory farms, which are the hooligans causing all of the food borne disease issues.

    I'm surprised to hear that Obama is for this bill. I know he and Michelle like raw and organic food.

    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Thomas Jefferson

    by Lucy2009 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 at 03:15:34 PM PST

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