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    ...if you think that an incumbent President with a current job approval rating of 47% (Gallup, as of 11/29/10) 23 months out from the election is unelectable.

    And you do.

    So you're an idiot.

    Seriously, learn some history.  Look at "unelectable one term Presidents Reagan and Clinton" (both less popular 23 months out of their re-elections bids than Obama is now) and "slam-dunk two-termer George H.W. Bush" who had an 89% approval rating a mere 20 months out of his re-election bid.  Acknowledge that you don't know who will be Obama's GOP opponent.  Acknowledge that you don't know where the economy will be in a year and a half.  Then process that information and realize that you don't know what you're fucking talking about (other than projecting your fondest wishes).

    Do I think Obama will be re-elected?  No.  And I don't think he won't be re-elected.  What I think is that two-thirds of Presidents are elected to another term.  And really, at this point that's all we have to go on.

    You need to realize that and quit thinking you're such an amazing fucking genius that you can predict Presidential elections two years out with any more than random accuracy.  Because you can't.  And the fact that you think you do tells me you really need to be less full of yourself.

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