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View Diary: Cheers and Jeers: Thursday (269 comments)

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  •  CHEERS to Roland Burriss. (7+ / 0-)
    I gave him and "A".  With all the grief surrounding his appointment, he could have come to DC and screwed the Dems.  Instead, he voted with them every step of the way.  He is a mensch, ego or no ego.
    JEERS to winter coming early to NC.  In the 40s now and below freezing at night.  I know, I know, you in the North would consider this weather summer-like.
    CHEERS to BiPM and Michael.
    CHEERS to all the kiddies in the pool.
    JEERS to Jon McShame.  He is a senile old fool.  Get with the program, old man.

    Time for a new sig line. All suggestions are welcome.

    by incognita on Thu Dec 02, 2010 at 09:43:35 AM PST

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