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  •  Oh, that is bullshit (4+ / 0-)

    and there is no way you got that out of my diary.

    After getting called names here every day for trying to actually support the Democratic Party (what this blog alleges to do) I was curious enough to go looking and was surprised at what I found.

    That's all.

    •  Sounds like you found three whole names (0+ / 0-)

      out of the entire left blogosphere.

      What an accomplishment.

    •  You got called names? (1+ / 0-)
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      Someone here called me an "Ayn Rand libertarian" because I was opposed to an excise tax on health insurance.  I've been called a liberal teabagger a liberal Puritan and an ideological purist.  I've been told I'm "impeding progress" and that I would personally be held responsible if Democrats lost this year.  When I go to my Republican Congressman's Facebook page and post comments defending PPACA from his partisan attacks, his Republican supporters call me a communist.  When I come here and post a comment criticizing Obama for not aggressively pursuing the progressive agenda he campaigned on, people I assume are Democrats call me a Communist.  And somebody writes a diary where they imply that, because I dare criticize Obama, maybe I am a Republican plant.

      But you got called names?  I'm very sorry to hear that.

      •  Do you really think there are no Republican (5+ / 0-)

        plants here?


        If not, I would say the Republicans are doing a poor job indeed.  

        There are plenty of con-artists, off-line and on.  I am not sure why it's so shocking to imagine some managed to get onto political websites.  

        I've been called a homophobe and a bigot because I prefer to have DADT repealed legislatively.  I've been called an Obamabot, naive, an sheep, told that I just don't know enough.

        I am consistently lumped in as a Blue Dog or a conserva-dem, regardless of what views I express, if I say I consider myself a pragmatist.

        So yes, there is name-calling on both sides.

        But the fact remains there are very few diaries here about Obama's accomplishments, which are many in an objective tally.

        •  You haven't found a single one of them. (0+ / 0-)

          All you managed to do is single out a few people who disagree with you and imply that they might be plants, and imply that their presence here suggests that other, unnamed people who disagree with you might also be plants.  It's like a 21st Century version of red-baiting.

          •  I'm sorry, that did not answer my question (3+ / 0-)
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            KayCeSF, gobears2000, CherryTheTart

            I am saying do you think it's reasonable to assume that not one single Republican ever thought to pose here as a liberal to foster dissent?

            That's what I'm asking.  You have not answered me.  

            •  It is a pointless question. (0+ / 0-)

              You are not interested in ferreting out Republican plants in our midst.  You are interested in casting aspersions on people who are critical of President Obama.

              But if you are really concerned with the possibility of Republican plants, have you considered that might be commenters and diarists who have tried to steer support away from progressive policies?  I didn't think so.

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