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  •  You can check (7+ / 0-)

    people's UID's here. Roll your cursor over the user name and look at the number in the bottom left corner of your browser. The UIDs below 100,000 are all people who signed up here probably 5 years ago, and I see a lot of Obama critics with those lower UIDs. There are some Republican agitators here but they usually out themselves pretty quick and most of them can't stay here for years without getting outed. So unfortunately, a lot of this disappointment with Obama on the blogs is genuine.

    But I don't think this blog is representative of Democrats or even liberals in general. There are about 300,000 people who have created an account on Daily Kos. But about half of those are either spammers, dormant accounts, trolls, or sockpuppets. There are only about 50,000 people at most who log in every day and use the site. That's a pretty small group of very politically obsessed people with strong opinions, and probably skews much more to the left than the average Democrat.

    Read Gallup's polls to see how Obama is doing with the general public. The latest Gallup poll has Obama at over 80% support among Democrats, and up to 85% among liberal Democrats.

    •  The disconnect (10+ / 0-)

      between the netroots liberals and the real-world (polled) liberals is also part of what made me start questioning what the heck is going on.

      In the primaries, many in the netroots supported Edwards.

      Yet at the polls, Edwards was mostly supported by conservative Democrats (which matched his voting record).  

      Out on the streets, liberals are one of Obama's most supportive groups, yet the netroots increasingly hates him.

      I'm not sure how to explain any of it.  Partly it can be said that online commentators who grew famous criticizing Bush and the Iraq War may perhaps be most comfortable coming from a position of criticizing the government in general, true.

      But believe me, I have posted on smaller sites where people who were posting and trusted for many years were later outed as not being at all who they said they were, or wrote confessional posts about being posers.  

      I also think there are a lot of Nader-types here, honestly.

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