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View Diary: Driving Traffic or Policy What Motivates the Front Page (192 comments)

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    Because it is certainly an issue that people need to consider when they are reading articles at places whose owners make money by generating traffic.

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      Adept2u, soothsayer99

      I've been posting on Kos for over two years now.
      I've been corrected, for whatever from time to time.
      Kos Is A Liberal Blog. Can't Be Bought!

      It's In The Comments All Over, Not Just Front Page!
      That the trashing of Obama is going on.
      As I've said before, and now update this statement.
      We know each other a little, but we have no way of knowing who's a troll,
      (unless they're a known Kossack and of course, then we know they're not one).
      I always check the diaries and half the argumentative ones have few or no diaries on Kos!

      I heard that the right wing blogs are very quiet since the mid-term elections.
      Yeah, that's because they're all over here
      and other liberal blogs, trying to brainwash
      and demoralize us!

      They can spin anything said anyway they want!

      I got shouted down last night for defending the President!
      Totally against the flame rules the way that diarist lit into me.
      But I kept my cool!
      Kossacks Rule!
      And have taught me well!

      Commentors Have A Certain Freedom of Speech
      But I think we've been infiltrated!

      Divide And Conquer The Oldest Trick In The Book!

      Methods: Hyperbole, to confuse.

      Aggression, to intimidate. Scare people off, who are too smart!

      Distract, From Real Issues
      Hard To Understand Wording, But Only Of Democratic Supposed Wrongdoings.
      (those not politically savy will be kept searching, forever)!
      Instead of e-mailing government officials
      of their grievances.
      Contact Government

      For Every Ten Democrats Who Contact Their Government Officials,
      Thirty republicans do the same.

      This Is A Great Song To All The Good People
      From Me, Who Doesn't Need Anything From Anyone!

      Three Wise Quotes

      1. If It Looks To Good To Be True, It Probably Is!
      1. Caveat Emptor!
      1. The One That Comes To You With The Deal Is The Traitor! ( Don Corleone, Godfather III )

      Peace And Justice

      Brought To You By That Crazed Sociologist/Media Fanatic rebel ga* Be The Change You Want To See In The World. Ghandi

      by rebel ga on Fri Dec 03, 2010 at 07:55:14 PM PST

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