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  •  Rally like the Sanity Rally would get their (0+ / 0-)

    attention in my opinion on all these issues:

    1.  Bush Tax cuts for wealthy
    1.  Unemployement benefits extension
    1.  DADT
    1.  Dream Act

    Until voters/Americans take this to Washington, DC, these politicians will continues to do what they want rather than what Americans want.


    Personally, I think all the "Bush Tax Cuts" should expires and specific tax cuts be passed.  The CBO Report of 2004 stated this.  I guess nobody bothered to read it.  I guess nobody has bothered to read this either.

    •  This article was posted here but this (2+ / 0-)
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      billlaurelMD, thomask

      refers to the 2001 Bush tax cuts I believe.  The reality is that the economy was in a hell of a lot better shape in the early 200s than it is now and unemployment was nowhere near as high, and the deficit nowhere near as stratospheric and the reality of borrowing the money from the Chinese was completely different in the global economic climate that exists today..

      So to compare the OMB figure fro them and now is very misleading and distorts the picture totally

      This is not about what individuals people prefer it is about the very survival of the nation and what kind of a nation we want to be.  This is NOT 2001 or 2004, it is 2010.

      That was THEN, this is NOW.

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