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View Diary: BREAKING: Senate GOP Blocks Middle Class Tax Cuts (DREAM on Wednesday) (348 comments)

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  •  I totally agree getting rid of tax cuts for rich (4+ / 0-)
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    is the most important, but I'm assuming here that if these tax cuts didn't pass, none of them will? Maybe I'm wrong in assuming so, and if the choice is only between extending these or extending all of them, then clearly this should have passed.

    But I was hoping it had been made clear that the choice was between these cuts or none at all, and that is a legitimate debate, and one where I agree with Feingold that none of them is better policy.

    So what's next? Are the Bush tax cuts dead then? Or is there still the possibility that our fine Democrats are going to fold over and hand Republicans everything they want while they have a huge majority in both chambers of Congress + the WH? I would even be in favor of a filibuster of any extension on the top bracket.

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