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  •  Just rewarding good behavior... (4.00)
    Stick around - and go get this Gannon guy for us...  Also - keep calling out the liars - you've been given plenty of new ammo in Richard Clarke's unclassified memo - let's go on record using the "L" word...  we've minced words far too long.  Republicans had no problem calling Clinton a liar when he, well, lied...  Why we've been so timid in our use of common english is something I'll never understand.

    Don't want to undermine a sitting Secretary of State?  Puhlease!  That is exactly what we want to do - we should be showing the rest of the world that Democrats will marginalize the ineffective and unscrupulous.  We just can't trust the Bush administration.  In an effort to gain some credibility with the rest of the world, when, inevitably, the worm turns, well, we need some speaking passionately about what is right and good in this country.  And we haven't a moment to lose.

    Thanks again.

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