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  •  Good Grief!! (3.80)
    For everyone just starting to read this comment thread -- FULLY HALF OF THE THREAD is taken up by discourse as to whether or not certain posts should have been rated one way or another!

    Spiderleaf, I'm sorry to be responding to your comment to post this (as you don't seem to be much part of all the back and forth), but on SENATOR BOXER's post, don't you all think that this is just.....well......UNCALLED FOR?

    For those who simply want to repond to Senator Boxer or post a comment responding to her gracious thank-you, just click on your "down" arrow and skip WAY WAY ahead!

    Fuzzy only works for pets.

    by NotFuzzy on Mon Feb 14, 2005 at 07:52:48 PM PST

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