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  •  You deserve them, Senator. (none)
    If I might suggest something, I'd like to ask you to focus on torture. It's amazing that the Bush Admin. can get away with its pro-torture policies. As far as I'm concerned, that is by far the single most important topic facing this country because it really deals with issues of fundamental decency.

    I mean, why is the US sending prisoners to countries that commit torture? This is a morally bankrupt and illegal course of action. Why are we so clearly allowing torture at Guantanamo and elsewhere? We hear too many allegations of torture and abuse for them to all be false. Human Rights Watch has come out with too many reports with too many facts and interviews for them to all be false.

    Please do something about this Senator -- even if you fail at changing the policies that allow this behavior, you'll have given voice to millions who oppose these practices.

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