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View Diary: Republicans fear Obama, I fear some people don't understand why. (69 comments)

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    The problem we had is that we centered too much on leaders, not enough on issues.

    Simply put, we need to have our movement be less about figures like Obama or other leaders, and more about pushing a particular style of government, with particular policy goals in mind.  The leaders are interchangeable, not indispensable.

    You have to take back your causes for your own sake, push your point of view of your own initiative.  Don't wait for strong leaders, they're rarely found, and to some extent an illusion even when you get them.  No, instead, decide that you're going to work towards a certain policy goal, and decide what you do politically on that basis.  Convince other people to do the same thing.  It's not bad if the Progressive movement is largely a Democratic affair, it is bad if it's ONLY a Democratic Affair.

    Instead of cursing Obama and the others, instead of deciding to give up until better leaders than they show up, organize to support certain initiative independent of them, and then make it popular enough to where politicians with good sense have the incentive to try and coopt your popular movement. Then pull the hook so you you've got them on your line.

    The GOP: The Party of Failure. Pass it on.

    by Stephen Daugherty on Sun Dec 05, 2010 at 01:48:03 PM PST

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